The purity of perfection – The Winehog by Steen Öhman, Copenhagen, Denmark

Readers will know that I have a strong passion for German Riesling wines .. a passion that dates back to the early 1990s.
I was therefore thrilled when I had the possibility to meet one of the new and upcoming stars of Rheingau Eva Fricke in Copenhagen... read more

Al Drinkle, Metrovino Fine Wines, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Have you ever been proud of somebody that you had no right to be proud of? There should be a word for that phenomenon and perhaps there is, one that exists beyond the reaches of my primitive diction.  I first met Eva Fricke... read more
Vladimir Basov, Best sommelier of Russia 2002, Enotheque & Wine Distribution "Tre Bicchieri", Moscow, Russia

Wines of Eva are unique, as well as Eva herself! Her wines totally charactarize her as a human. She herself and her wines they are transparent and pure, bright and diverse, structural and complex, balanced and deep! To find Eva and her wines is not so easy, but if you are lucky and this happends, it will become an Event in your life!